Chartered Membership
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Friday, 04 November 2005

Why Chartered Member?

Everything in this world need to be supported even our family. We provide our software programming knowledges, we provide our valuable time and we provide our hosting space and bandwidth etc. Nevertheless, we still need your supports for our project such as using our components, recommend our components to other communities, give some feedbacks, and etc. Of course, besides all these, we still need some money as well as a financial support. To maintain a website free project, it's not just a time consuming matter. It's also a financial problem. However, instead of donation, we prefer to implement Chartered Membership. Because we belief if you contribute something, you will get others in return and we don't want you to waste any of your penny on our website and get nothing useful. In returns, we will give our Chartered Members all the below benefits. Subscribe to be our Chartered Member is an optional. Although we implement Chartered Member, you still can get our supports and components for FREE if you are not our Chartered Member. It's just matter of time only. Feel free to make your decision to become our Chartered Member and we will try our best to support our FREE Members as well.

Chartered Members' Benefits

  1. Installation (Hassle Free)
    Installation of our components (such as JACLPlus, etc), if you need this service, we can do it for you. Once we receive your hosting information to access your site we can do it in 24 hours or less. So let experts handle it for you now!!!
  2. Upgrades (Hassle Free)
    If you do not feel comfortable installing upgrades to your Joomla!/Mambo yourself, our support team will upgrade the softwares for you even your Joomla!/Mambo. Upgrading your Joomla!/Mambo to future version will not be a problem for you anymore. We will not however upgrade other components, modules, mambots or hacks. Nevertheless, we will try our best to make your upgrades hassle free. So let experts handle it for you now!!!
  3. Advance Releases
    As a way to thank our Chartered Members for their support, they will have first access to any releases of our components (almost a month earlier) before the rest of the users or a widespread public release. Especially, our JACLPlus Component for Joomla! 1.5
  4. Priority Requests
    As another way to thank our Chartered Members for their support, they will have priority to request which components/modules/hacks should be checked first to make it work smoothly with JACLPlus. Feel free to make your requests and we will try to fulfill our Chartered Members' requests.
  5. Special Releases
    As another way to thank our Chartered Members for their sincere support, they will have access to any of our special releases such as JACLPlus Pro! and more which are coming soon...
Please note that all payments are NOT REFUNDABLE and the subscription will be AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED by PayPal subscription system. If you ONLY prefer to subscribe for once or to cancel your membership, please cancel the subscription through your PayPal account once you have completed the payment or before the expiry date.
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